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PowerValue 11RT:The Single Phase UPS for Critical Applications


The advanced system architecture guarantees that the user is able to select a system to match their needs.

Scalable runtime and the easy introduction of additional batteries make the solution sustainable.

In addition, two PowerValue 11 RT 6 or 10 kVA UPSs can be connected in parallel to increase total power or to add redundancy.

The UPSs are delivered with an installed parallel board and paralleling cables. No additional hardware is required for a parallel installation

ABB’s PowerValue 11 RT is a double-conversion online UPS that guarantees up to 10 kVA of clean, reliable power for your critical single-phase applications.As well as maintaining power to your servers, point-of-sale terminals, workstation clusters, routers, switches, hubs and sensitive electronic equipment, the PowerValue 11 RT also conditions incoming power to eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics.

The PowerValue 11 RT can be used as a standalone UPS device or installed into a standard 19" rack configuration, with connectivity options available for each. Two units of the 6 or 10 kVA models can be configured in parallel to provide redundancy or to increase the systems total capacity up to 20 kVA. All units can be fitted with up to four battery modules to extend runtime.



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PowerValue 11 RT