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PowerValue 11 / 31 T

PowerValue 11/31 T: The Single Phase UPS for IT rooms, networks and other critical applications

Compact power protection up to 80 kVA PowerValue 11 / 31 T 10 and 20 kVA UPS can be installed in parallel to increase the total system power up         to 80 kVA or to add redundancy to the system.

The UPSs are delivered with an inbuilt parallel board and paralleling cables. No additional hardware is required for this installation.

PowerValue 11 / 31 T can be configured with up to two matching battery cabinets to satisfy extended runtime demands. Easily accessible and replaceable       batteries increase availability and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

The PowerValue 11 / 31 T UPS delivers reliable power, low running costs, long battery life, easy maintenance and high levels of flexibility. Featuring double-conversion, voltage and frequency independent (VFI) topology, the PowerValue 11 / 31 T is available in both 10 and 20 kVA versions, with the option to configure up to four units in parallel to boost power capability or provide redundancy.

Three-phase or single-phase inputs can also be accommodated, as well as single- or dual-supply inputs– allowing the customer to manage two independent power sources. Simple to install and with a small footprint, the PowerValue 11 / 31 T provides stable, regulated, transientfree, pure sine wave AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation.



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