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PowerWave 33 the energy efficient power protection UPS
Power ranges: 60-80-100-120-160-200-250-300-400 and 500kVA three phase in/out
Topology: On-Line, double conversion, VFI

The increased power protection requirements of data centres of last generation in today’s digital world find the answer with PowerWave 33™ , the energy efficient three phase UPS

Highlights at a glance:
•    Best in class efficiency means Low cost of ownership
•    Rated at power factor = 0.9 leading
•    Best in class compactness (100kVA = 0.41 sqm, 200kVA = 0.64 sqm)
•    Input Power Factor PF = 0.99
•    Less than 3.5% THDI at the input, and 99% efficiency in eco-mode
•    Ripple-free battery increase battery life
•    Wide input frequency range (35-70 Hz)
•    Wide input voltage range (-25% /+15%) @ full load


Energy efficiency and conservation of the environment are the major global concern today. Many industries and business are being urged to opt for solutions that make their operations more energy efficient and environment friendly. Newave introduce PowerWave 33 a energy efficient UPS that not only reduce the energy costs when in use but is also environmentally conductive because of the reduced emissions. The greatest advantage that any end user receives from an energy efficient UPS is the reduction of costs.
In the past decade we have experienced very modest qualitative technological improvements with clear end-user benefits in the area of high power UPS’s. Environmentally conscious customers today are not only demanding highest power protection availability but also systems that are environmentally friendly and ensure low cost of ownership.
Newave is the forerunner in transformerless technology and we are proud to present our third generation of this innovative and most versatile environmentally power protection and energy efficient UPS concept.


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