Conceptpower DPATM
Safe-Swap Modular UPS Systems

Newave’s newest modular UPS design Conceptpower DPATM (Decentralized Parallel Architecture) with unique SAFE-SWAP-MODULES (SSM) addresses all the availability concerns related to power protection of mission critical applications.
The move to high power density blade servers has caused a shift in the performance of advanced power protection systems.
High power density, high efficiency and no power derating with leading loads have become the key features of modern UPS Systems.


Highlights at a glance

  • High power density (200kW per rack)
    For floor space saving;
  • DPA with Safe-Swap Modules (SSM)
    For premium power protection availability;
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Cost saving during entire life-cycle;
  • Flexibility / Scalability
    Ease of power upgrade, pay as you grow;
  • Enhanced Serviceability
    Rapid fault recovery;
  • Link to Newavewatch
    Instantaneous fault recognition.


Individual UPS modules with three-phase output powers from 10 to 50kVA (8 to 40kW) are plugged into an easily installed cabinet which contains all of the system's input and output distribution components. UPS modules are Safe-Swappable and can be quickly and safely added to the system without risk to the critical load for either N+n parallel redundancy or an increase in system capacity. Safe-swappable modules also facilitate rapid repair times, ensuring system reliability and availability are optimised in all circumstances.


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