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DPA UPSCALE 10-120KW PDF Print E-mail

DPA UPScale – the versatile UPS system

The DPA UPScale has been designed in two versions:
-    DPA UPScale ST (Standard) including frame, UPS, battery and communication.
-    DPA UPScale RI (Rack-Independent) UPS, battery and communication which can be integrated into any 19” rack

DPA UPScale features:

• Intelligent, self-contained modules

• Modules of low weight
  (10kW = 18.6kg; 20kW = 21.5kg)

• Total compatibility with any installation

• Excellent input performance

• PF > 0.99

• THDi < 3%

• AC-AC Efficiency 95.5%

• Transformerless

• Online double conversion technology


The DPA architecture delivers a redundant protection without “single point of failure”. With all of the critical components duplicated and distributed between the independent modules, system uptime is maximised.


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