DHEA is an innovative, on line double conversion range of UPS for Domestic or Professional use. DHEA UPS are made up of an inverter section and battery modules (battery pack) with a stackable design and plug and play connectivity.

Their special lead and gel batteries are contained inside battery packs and are hermetically sealed so they do not emit any gas whatsoever. As a result, they can be used in the home without any need for maintenance.

They are available in versions supplying 1000VA and 1500VA of power, whereas their autonomy configuration can be determined according to requirements, even with very long back up times, thanks to their system of stackable battery packs which also gives them a very small footprint. This system means siting the UPS is not a problem should space be an issue (e.g. behind a door), however their very pleasant design makes them attractive if they are in full view.


Designed with on line double conversion technology, DHEA UPS supply stabilised and perfectly sinusoidal output voltage, protecting appliances that are susceptible to interference and sudden shifts in the mains power supply. They are also fi tted with an input power factor corrector (PFC) and therefore act as a phase advancer, with the resulting benefi ts in terms of consumption for both the consumer and the electricity supplier.

The stackable battery packs offer you the option of long back up times while taking up a minimum of space. With a DHEA UPS, you can beat the growing phenomenon of power black outs, causing problems not just for private homes but also for retailers, who need a long back up time rather than high levels of power.


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