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  • UPSes Installation and Commissiong

  • Maintenance Agreements and Periodic Maintenance

  • Installation of Fire Alarm systems

  • Installation of Closed Circuit Television systems

  • Installation of Anti Shoplifting Systems

  • Installation of Network Cabling

  • Setup and Installation of Datacenters

  • On Site Maintenance

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The Meta System range of 19" Rack format UPS is an excellent solution for any application, with considerable benefits in terms of their compact size, linearity and aesthetics, so that all your equipment can be housed in a single cabinet, limiting the amount of floor space occupied.
Solutions in a standard 19" rack format are very useful for the protection of electronic apparatus used in industry, the electro medical field or Information & Communication Technology, where installing equipment in rack cabinets is becoming increasingly the norm, as with more recent servers, interconnection cabinets, or equipment used for system measurement and control.
Reliability has always been an important issue, becoming even more so in a context where the complexity of interconnection systems is such that a whole company can find itself shut down simply because of a bad contact.

Whad Rack 1U-2U 

The Whad Rack series of uninterruptible power supplies belongs to the on line double conversion category, built in a 1- unit rack format, offering the highest level of technology and performance in the least possible space...

 MegaLine Rack

The MegaLine Rack family includes 4 product versions, covering a rated power range starting at 1250 VA up to 5000 VA, in steps of 1250 VA. The main characteristics of this product family are its expandability, its modularity and its r...



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