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The Whad Rack · series of uninterruptible power supplies belongs to the on line double conversion category, built in a 1- unit rack format, offering the highest level of technology and performance in the least possible space currently available on the market.

Like any on line UPS, zero transfer time is guaranteed along with total continuity of protection, identical waveform whether running on mains or on battery power, the elimination of any power problem be it in terms of the amplitude or the frequency of the waveform.


The technology applied to these UPS has made it possible to optimise production processes, reducing time and cost and increasing product reliability. With power ratings of 800 VA and 1000 VA, the UPS has just one circuit board with integrated power and the control - diagnostics logic. The autonomy of the 1-unit version can be expanded, ideal for applications in networking, telecoms and data transmission.


The Whad Rack  range also includes a 2U rack version providing 1500VA of power, capable of fulfilling the needs of more demanding loads, requiring the protection offered by on line double conversion technology in a rack format.

The UPS can also supply the protected loads for lengthy periods of time, thanks to the possibility of connecting up extra battery modules. Considering the reliability and flexibility offered by the uninterruptible power supplies in the Whad Rack · series, they are without doubt the best products for safeguarding total electrical protection for servers, networking, telecoms systems and data transmission.



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