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The MegaLine Rack family includes 4 product versions, covering a rated power range starting at 1250 VA up to 5000 VA, in steps of 1250 VA. The main characteristics of this product family are its expandability, its modularity and its redundancy.


Expandability means that the power of each model can be expanded (except for the MegaLine Rack 5000) at any time, without the need for any special settings or calibration: the UPS automatically adjusts its configuration as soon as it recognises the extra power board.

Modularity means that the UPS is made up of power modules that are identical to one another, each one providing 1250 VA; as they are connected up in a parallel formation, they pool their resources entirely. In actual fact, all the critical circuits in the UPS (PFC, inverter, battery charger, booster etc.) are repeated on each board.

Redundancy is a direct outcome of modularity: the modules are connected in parallel so failure of one of them will not jeopardize the correct working of the uninterruptible power supply: it will indicate the anomaly but carry on supplying output power.

All the product versions have three interface ports. The first is a RS 232 serial interface, enabling use of UPS communicator local shutdown and diagnostics software or UPS Supervisor shutdown software (optional, for use with any operating system). The other two ports are logic level contact interfaces.


Available models:

  • MegaLine Rack 1250
  • MegaLine Rack 2500
  • MegaLine Rack 3750
  • MegaLine Rack 3750


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