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We are focused on Customer Satisfaction.

  • UPSes Installation and Commissiong

  • Maintenance Agreements and Periodic Maintenance

  • Installation of Fire Alarm systems

  • Installation of Closed Circuit Television systems

  • Installation of Anti Shoplifting Systems

  • Installation of Network Cabling

  • Setup and Installation of Datacenters

  • On Site Maintenance

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MegaLine is much more than a UPS because MegaLine is ...

On line dual conversion Sophisticated control logic makes certain that the performance of the MegaLine is at the top of their category.

Redundant & Expandable In both power and back up. Boards and batteries can be easily added or removed, reducing the average downtime.

Modular Modularity and total resource distribution lead to MegaLine UPS offering superior uptime.

ProgrammableThe LCD display makes all diagnostics data and programmable menus accessible without the need for a PC connection.

MegaLine offer to the user the features of the best on line double conversion UPSs and their definitely grant high end performance and functions.

  • Effective acoustic and visual signals, even from a considerable distance
  • High Frequency and high efficiency with a reduced footprint
  • Static bypass
  • External maintenance bypass (optional)
  • Cold charging
  • Real time confirmation of residual autonomy and charge status on the LCD display
  • Input power factor > 0.99
  • Input current harmonic distortion less than 3%
  • Advanced expandability of autonomy
  • Static bypass
  • Class A/B (immunity/emission)
  • Automatic sensing (in/out frequency)
  • Plug & play for gen-sets
  • Noise level
  • Double IBC (intelligent battery charger)
  • Long life battery control

Available models:

  • MegaLine 1250
  • MegaLine 2500
  • MegaLine  3750
  • MegaLine 3750
  • MegaLine 5000
  • Megaline 2 cabinets 6250
  • Megaline 2 cabinets 7500
  • Megaline 2 cabinets 8750
  • Megaline 2 cabinets 10000

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