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  • UPSes Installation and Commissiong

  • Maintenance Agreements and Periodic Maintenance

  • Installation of Fire Alarm systems

  • Installation of Closed Circuit Television systems

  • Installation of Anti Shoplifting Systems

  • Installation of Network Cabling

  • Setup and Installation of Datacenters

  • On Site Maintenance

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WHAD UPS are the evolution of on line double conversion UPS for small and medium power applications. Like all Meta System UPS, WHAD's not only stand out for their cutting-edge technology but also for their innovative and outstanding design. Thanks to their extremely small footprint and their long, tall and slim format, they take up a minimum of space under your desk and are an attractive and eye-catching feature when placed in full view. Back to Power Seciton

They are true on line double conversion UPS (VFI) combining the performance of top-quality UPS with a small cabinet and a very convenient price.

They can offer high levels of electrical protection for appliances whoseconsumption of energy isn't excessively high. Not only that - their particularly convenient price makes them unbeatable even if you compare them to the Line Interactive UPS.

Meta System's technology is designed and made in Italy. It has been used for the WHAD's, making it possible to optimise our production processes by reducing the time needed and as a result our costs, while increasing product reliability.

The UPS have just one board, combining power, control logic and diagnostics. WHAD's are extremely versatile and can be used to protect small networks, servers, phone/data systems, office automation and networking applications or even for industrial automation, security and surveillance


Available Models

  • Whad 800
  • Whad 1000
  • Whad 800 EXT
  • Whad 1000 EXT
  • Whad 1250 EXT
  • Whad 1500 EXT
  • Whad 2000 EXT
  • Whad 2500 EXT
  • Whad 3000
  • Whad 4000
  • Whad 5000
  • Whad 6000

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