Nevio IP Products

The NeVio IP product series is the latest member of the EverFocus product family. The NeVio series comprises Megapixel / network cameras, network video recorders and software as well as a comprehensive range of IP accessories.

NeVio Megapixel Cameras

1.3 Megapixel sensor (CCD or CMOS) ♦ day/night switching with automatically swiveling IR cut filter ♦ bidirectional audio function ♦ Power over Ethernet (PoE)...

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NeVio Network Cameras 

Independently adjustable network video streams ♦ compression methods H.264, MPEG4 or MJPEG ♦ local alarm image storage with optional SD card ♦ network bandwidth control ♦ e-mail and network alarm function...

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NeVio Network Video Recorders

Management of up to 32 channels from Megapixel / network cameras and video servers ♦ multi-brand IP product support ♦ bidirectional audio function ♦ integrated video analytics...

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NeVio Software "PowerCon 4.x"

Unlimited number of managed DVRs, Megapixel / network cameras, video servers and 3rd party applications ♦ integrated mapview function ♦ freely definable multiviews ♦ remote configuration of EDR series' DVRs as well as EverFocus network cameras and video servers ♦ network alarm reception and management...

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