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Here are some of our major clients using our products

  • Central Bank of Malta
  • Malta Freeport Terminals
  • Go Mobile
  • Malta Maritime Authority
  • Transient Light and Sound Ltd.
  • New Parliamentary Buildings Valletta
  • New Opera House Valletta
  • Medavia
  • HSBC plc
  • Arkadia Group
  • PAVI Supermarket
  • Actavis Pharmaceuticals
  • Radisson Golden Sands
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Hudson Holdings
  • CVA Technology
  • Embassy of United States of America
  • Fimbank plc
  • Arrow Pharmaceuticals
  • Volksbank
  • Malta International Airport
  • Vodafone
  • Ray Vella and Co. Ltd.
  • PBS Ltd
  • Pantalesco Ltd
  • Megaline Ltd

20÷120kVA – ARCHIMOD



ARCHIMOD® is the innovative UPS system with modular and scalable architecture and power ratings between 20kVA and 120kVa that can adapt to all electrical protection requirements.
Thanks to its revolutionary concept, ARCHIMOD® offers more power, more autonomy and more reliability. ARCHIMOD® is the very first system to offer three cutting edge technologies all in one UPS:


 Modularity – Scalability – Hot Swap Redundancy



ARCHIMOD® improves the overall efficiency of the UPS solution making it possible to reach 99% in the Eco Mode and 95% in the On Line Mode. Thanks to the system’s modular and scalable structure, costs for any initial oversizing are avoided, reducing unnecessary consumptions of electricity. With ARCHIMOD® you have a return on your investment (ROI) within five years.


Thanks to the modular architecture the load can be shared among the modules, reducing the risk of downtimes should one module fail: the system does, in fact, carry on working so there are no downtimes. Module compactness and ease of replacing (hot-swap) help reduce intervention and restore times.


All you have to do to upgrade ARCHIMOD® is to simply add power modules without cutting load off, without increasing the overall dimension and without making any changes to the electrical connections.


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Suppliers News

We know just how important the availability of high quality energy is to your business.

That is why we are ready to offer our expertise to give you full aftersales support. We guarantee you a response time which is compatible with your operating constraints, 24 hours a day.

Maintenance Contracts allows you to benefit from:

  • Fast priority repairs
  • response time according to your needs
  • assistance 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Preventive maintenance with detailed reports including Thermographic reports.

Legrand, formerly known as Meta System is a leader in low to medium UPSes. Many of their products are of modular type both in single phase and three phase

  • DHEA, The anti black-out.
  • Trimod (8-60kVA)
  • Archimod (20-120kVA)
  • Rack Line VI - VFI
  • Modular OnLine Double Conversion(1.25-10kVA)
  • OnLine Double Conversion VFI
  • Accessories

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