Store Portal


Store Portal

Every manager needs information on store operations to make the right decisions to protect and increase profits. Various components, like visitor counters, article surveillance systems, access control systems and digital video work together as a completely integrated system called Store Portal.

Store Portal is a software package installed on our Field Controller which gathers all the information and makes this immediately available online in your web browser. Information from visitor counters and access control readers is combined to give insight in store traffic and easily verify staff planning.

Events, for example alarms, can be recorded by video cameras. This way you always catch the right moment, preventing you from searching trough an entire video recording. All information is processed automatically. As a result of this, all relevant management information is instantly available and can be obtained through web browser, by e-mail or by mobile telephone.

The information and reports generated by Store Portal can also be amended to your needs.


Main features

  • Accessible through a standard web browser
  • Integrates with your management information system
  • Insight in store operations through relevant reports
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Compatible with NEXUS systems and deactivators/detachers

Optional Features


  • Digital video integration
  • Access control and time & attendance

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